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Never again forget any idea or task!

Use this app to quickly catch and remember any tasks.

Designed and continuously optimized by Project Managers to be as efficient and simple as possible, this app let's you organize, develop, and prioritize tasks. It also includes a Pomodoro style timer, to let you work on a specific task for 1-60 minutes.

Your task-lists can be easily shared by mail or copied to clipboard for backup.

- Task lists with prioritization of tasks
- Tasks can be check-marked as done (optional)
- Share task lists by copy/paste or e-mail
- Pomodoro style 1-60 minutes timer

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We have kept this app simple for your benefit!

No ads and no complex functionality!
Read more here about the intentional design choices we made in this app.

"As a project manager I prefer TaskSpace for Android. I use it on an hourly basis - at work and at home. It is super-simple, quick in use, and really as basic as a to-do list manager can be, but this is what I want! I do not need calendar integration, reminders, or other fancy stuff - just a quick extention of my mind in order to either remember stuff, or break intentions for the day into To Do's."

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